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Fer'a na'ko gare!

Welcome to Nordgis! Here you'll find Nordgis. It's Nordgis here.

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They're sent to die. I watch as they are loaded onto ships, and everyone knows they will die.

Hirasin doesn't care. She watches from her ivory tower and smiles.

There's rumors that she and Darhav are fucking. The talkers don't die, so maybe it's true. Who gives a shit*.

*Note: Interpreted idiom, lit. "Someone's selling slag".


Sen'o govade'ko koire. Ba'a sen'o vorate, sen'o manufer'ko farne, en sirnni'a sene govade'o agisare.

Hirasin'a mjejero. Se'a sigankrik sirvaner'mo vorate en ojete.

Ermanumros sang ga sem'a gare: Darhav en Hirasin'a susre. Aresirn'a govadro, sefir feram'a gare vono. Sir'a dogskir'o menare.


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