The flag of the new regime.


The navy took a big hit, and we've been regrouping since then. If there's anybody from outside, don't take that as an "all clear," though. The army is still on high alert, especially since then, and we are legitimately regrouping. The navy is still tens of thousands strong, concerning crew, and we had at least 54 ships in our own reserve. Shipbuilders are still working hard. We are not a soft target.

I hear rumors of something happening in Begroun. Apparently there were some tensions, and Hirasin was prepared to send troops. Never happened, as far as I know. Maybe someone else covered it.

We don't hear much, the workers. What little I hear is from a few contacts in the military, and their telling me this is very dangerous for them. They could be put to death, as far as I know. I thank them.


The propaganda machine is running hot. Newsreels on the television, newspapers on the streets. One has a very motivational speech from Darhav regarding the naval hit: "The government is real, by the way. I've been part of both of them, and we are GOVERNING. Much harder than we were before. Also, Sibir Koran has a little dick, and he can kiss my ass." I'm unsure what this is about, since we don't get any media from the State Union, but it's probably something they said. Who knows. Whatever.

Considering everything: It's... not as bad now. At least the murders have slowed down. At least there's some consistency. People fight less, now. I guess it all helped reframe our perspectives on everything.

It's still wrong. This isn't peace. This is fear.

If anybody inside is left reading this, don't let the stories be taken from us. Keep the stories alive. They are our heart.



Manuferganesirfan'o kate, en ban'a morsarja sem bumanre. Gej gisektesirn'a gare, sem'to "fej'a gare" fansaro ja. Gisdoganesirfan'a ibir sitare, ibir morsarja sem, en ban'a bumanre he. Ga manuferganesirfan, igerbasibn manusirn'a gare kit, en ban'a ugigenjagib manufern'o neme. Manufergaresir'a ibir bore. Hoi ban'a garo.

Ba'a vonosang ga Begrounne ren'o kutore. Voi skosre, en Hirasin'a ganesirn'o koiti koire samor. Kitenti rene, ga ba'a agisare. Vono ibiname'a rene.

Ban'a, borsirn'a, ibinomis'o kutore. Nagis'o ba'a kutore, se'o ganesiros fesirn'to gare, en sene ba'ko sange'a antferi gare. Sen'o vono govade, ga ba'a agisare. Ba'a na'o naje he.


Kjannsangdog skiksek'a ibir bore. Voradio'mo vorsangdogn, steris'mo sangdogbumaga. Ag'a buman sang'o Darhav'to nare, seng manuferganesirfanne kate'o nahire: "Sugarn margsirfan'a gare so. Ba'a kagni'mo sar gare, en ban'a MARGE. Ibir ibirinem sar rene. Engo, Sibir Koran'a nagis goka'o neme, en se'a bane geshat'o majre'o jenate." Sem'a se'o'go nahire, ba'a agisaro, fir ban'a Slavine Fesigismi'to dogen'o nabaro. Sefir, se'a se ga sene are nahire vomino. Sir'a agisaro. Jeje.

Seni'o nahire: Karm'a... garo kit. Govade'a naginis erne so. Nismi'a gare so. Sirn'a ibinem ganro kit. Seni ban'o, moranagisare'i hire voi.

Se'a kamre nero. Fer'a garo. Antfer'a gare.

Gisirn'a engkutore kit, na'a karsangn'o nabare'o erne ja. Karsangn'o mogare ja. Bane serdse'a sen'mo gare.


They're sent to die. I watch as they are loaded onto ships, and everyone knows they will die.

Hirasin doesn't care. She watches from her ivory tower and smiles.

There's rumors that she and Darhav are fucking. The talkers don't die, so maybe it's true. Who gives a shit*.

*Note: Interpreted idiom, lit. "Someone's selling slag".


Sen'o govade'ko koire. Ba'a sen'o vorate, sen'o manufer'ko farne, en sirnni'a sene govade'o agisare.

Hirasin'a mjejero. Se'a sigankrik sirvaner'mo vorate en ojete.

Ermanumros sang ga sem'a gare: Darhav en Hirasin'a susre. Aresirn'a govadro, sefir feram'a gare vono. Sir'a dogskir'o menare.



The president has put Darhav in charge of enforcement of her regime, somehow. Even though Darhav was previously a Sigantrovosir. I don’t know. Nothing makes sense anymore.

The army trusts Darhav, though, and will follow them into the frozen sea wearing boots if they ask. Darhav is cracking down on Gisganesirn, and Hirasin is cracking down on her opposers. We don’t know where they go. Sometimes I hear gunshots.

Safety in the steel mills has gone to shit. Hirasin doesn’t care about it, or us. There’s a "survival of the fittest" attitude here, and I’ve watched a lot of people die for it. Really, I’m just lucky.

I’m afraid. We all are. This is getting dangerous for me. Hirasin has had other publications like this one burned, and the writers...

She’s made her own publications, now, actually. Taken over NSF [Nordgis News Network] for herself. It’s all lies and distractions. All of it. Don’t trust it for a moment.

I’m not using my own PC anymore. It was confiscated for "research". I reset it first. If you’re reading this abroad, thank the Crow Society. I hope to the stars that they remain safe.



Daganed’a Darhav’i nomimi ga ganesirfan-boris’o nare trovos’me’go. Detis Darhavne Sigantrovosir’a gare sar. Ba’a agisaro. Sen’o fansare’o nemjiro.

Gisdoganesirfan’a Darhav’o fonre jeje, en enga se karnum’ko ere kint butn’o uare gej se’a jornge. Darhav’a Gisganesirn’ko ibinbumanre, en Hirasin’a gandogaresir’ko ibinbumanre. Ban’a gis’ko agisaro. Morja kitinen ba’a nagvenkenen’o kutore.

Moga’a gandogarenern’mo dogskir’ko fangarne. Hirasin’a se’i en ban’i mjejero. "Buman bis’a gare" tota’a gare, en fir se sirn’a govade. Roki ba’a gare.

Antfernas ba’a gare. Semeng banni’a gare. Antferi ren’a kit gare. Hirasin’a ibin engsangn’o sasamre, en engsangesirn...

Se’a sene ibirsangn’o nare kit so. NSF’o gaki se nomingbare. Antferamni en sterisiermi senni’a gare he. Senni. Nagiskit fonro ja.

Ba’a bane betse’me renro. Se’o fir "agivora" nabare. Ba’a se’o risetre sar. Kersirfan’o naje ja gej na’a sem’o engkutore. Ba’a sig’ko jore, sing sen’a mogare.



The old government’s going on a trip to Willsbourg. I don’t think they’re coming back.

This won’t be a proper newspaper anymore. Half because the news is dead, half because I can’t write like that. The Silver Times is gone. Headquarters is shut down, the press is dead. I’m using a vintage, mechanical press now for in-country readers. The rest of you... If Hirasin cuts the internet, I don’t know.

Speaking of the internet, Rais’s public computers have been removed. Probably other cities’, too. The movers claimed that Hirasin needed them for something. I don’t believe it.

Hirasin wants to keep us in the dark. Don’t let her. We are people of stories. Telling them is deep in our tradition. Don’t let her take that away.


On March 26, thousands died in a coordinated terrorist attack in Vau’sena.

I don’t need to make this announcement. We all saw the television and heard the radio.

It just feels wrong not to mention it.

I wish Vau’senaan readers peace as they recover. May they come to justice.



Kar margsirfan’a Uirsburg’ko nomere. Morero’o ba’a nagosare.

Gak sangdogbumaga’a garo. Fir sangdog’a govade, en fir ba’a trovos’me engsange’o nemjiro. Sigandog Kitinen garo. Nominer’o saha’ko tjeke en bintibares’a govade. Ba’a kar bintibares’me rene gaki ingesgis engkutoresir. Ibiname sirn... Ba’a ren’o agisaro gej Hirasin’a internet’o ganmene.

Internet’o nahire: Raisne babarika kombutern’o garne. Ibiname burgn’o vomino semeng. Eresirn’a “Hirasin’a sen’o jene” ‘o are. Ba’a nagosare.

Hirasin’a nanga’o gare’o jore. Se’o nemajro ja. Sirn ga karsangn’a gare. Karsangn, serd ga bane trovos’a gare. Hirasin’a sem’o garne’o nan’a nemajro ja.


Morja 26 Masnua, erbasn’o antfermarganmenesir’a Vausena’mo govade.

Ba’a sem’o sange’o jenro. Banni’a voradio’o vore en radio’o kutore.

Sem’o aro’o bane serdse’i kamre.

Vausenasir’i fer’a gare mas kint sen’a moranfane. Sen’a margfer’o nabare mas.


The Situation

The editors are gone. Left for a better job, probably, since this doesn't pay well enough anymore. It's basically only me left.

Hirasin is manipulating the economy, overtaxing things like news and books to reduce demand. Those taxes go to the military. They're happy to serve her, apparently.

I put these out in small amounts now, for free with some donations from individuals and some organizations. The press is still functional, and if anything bad really happens, there are some vintage ones left.

For foreigners, the internet. I, unusually, have a PC, and it seems Hirasin has overlooked them.

She handles risk carefully. Military presence in big cities has increased. She seems to be strongarming the rest of the government somehow... The Council has yet to overturn anything.

My name is Kiri Engsangesir. Peace and safety be with you all in this cold time.



Moranjengsangesirn'a ektere. Bofej meneren'o evore, vomino, fir se'a borkemener'o ankit nare. Anme ba'a nero gare.

Hirasin'a ikonomi'o iere. Ibinoma narmarg'o gaki sangdog en fanibumaga gare gaki jore'o garne. Narmarg'o ganesirfan'i nare. Hirasin'o ganesirfan'a mireni hire voi.

Ba'a naginis ibirsange, menerone enga sir'to en sirfan'to mener'me gare. Bintibares renfejre. Kar bintibaresn'me rene gej karm'a gare.

Gaki gisektesir, internet'a gare. Koir ba'a betse'o neme, en Hirasin'a nikare voi.

Nemkarm'o fare gansi. Ganesirfan'a nom burgn'mo ibinem gare. Hirasin'a Gantigisnomisirfan'o trovos'me nomire voi... Gantigisnomisirfan'a senro'o erne.

Ba'i Kiri Engsangeisr'o uire. Fer'a en moga'a nanni'ko gare mas morja kard kitin.



This article skips the editors. This needs to get out NOW. Nothing like this has happened in 200 years, probably.

President Sadiv is stepping down.

Hirasin is now the president. Her... Her first order of business... She abolishes wealth redistribution.

I'm going to need a new job.



Engsang'o moranjensangro. Se'a ibirsange'o jene KIT. Semeng'o morja kagbasigib kitinkar renro vomino.

Sadiv Daganed'a nomirerne.

Nag Hirasin Daganed'a gare kit. Sene... sene agmis ren'a... Se'a morenarmener'o garne.

Ba'a nag meneren'o jene.



An image of Hirasin's broadcast.

Councilwoman Hirasin, representative of Gadburg, has begun making television broadcasts, shown in many public spaces. These broadcasts are not on any particular subject, so it is unclear why she is doing this; some speculate that it is to strengthen her platform for reelection. However, the next election is in two years, so this would be strange. Regardless, many people enjoy these broadcasts. Sotar Sirvdogsir of Mejasi remarks, "I like hearing her. We don't often hear from the government, so this is good." Viewers have described these broadcasts as strange, but somehow pleasant.


The year 2053 is here, and as always it is time to inspect the political status of the country at large! Opposition of the Gisganesirn is still the status quo, and they remain a constant threat to our well-being. Some of our international readers have asked us what the stance on gay rights is here, and we don't know how to answer that question. It's the same as it's been for the last 3000 years. The President has received backlash for an apparent apathy regarding the Gisganesirn. Remarkably, the continuation of Korlanic alliance has received very little pushback despite recent statements by President Ikaroa Storinka.



Vodogen ga Hirasinne ibirsang.

Hirasin Margsangesir gisangesir ga Gadburg'a voradio'me ibirsange. Ibirsangn'o babarika gisn'mo kutore. Ibirsangn'a sesik se'i nahire, sefir firse ga se'o sir'a agisaro. Hirasin'o moranje margsirfanire nemje'o sir'a voisare. Antsefir nag margsirfanire'a morja kagib kitinkarn gare, sefir koir se'a gare. Jeje, ibinomonis sirn'a ibirsangn'o mire. Sotar Sirvdogsir ga Mejasi'a are, "Mireni se'o kutore. Ban'a margsirfan'o naginis kitn'mo kutore, sefir se'a fejre." Voresirn'a koir antsefir onnima ibirsangn'o imahare.


2053 kitinkar'a gare, sefir gisne segdaned'o vorate! Status quo gane ga Gisganesirn'a gare, en antferi sen'a kit gare. Gisektesirn'a Gay Rights'o kahare, en ban'a trovos ga sem are'o agisaro. Irom kitinni morsarja 3000 kitinkar kar. Daganed'o oakare fir Gisganesirn'i voi mjejero. Nomi fesigismi ga Koriran'o ganro detis Ikaroa Storinka Daganedne sangn.



Futbarasir Quso Imama ga Nordne Karnumgisn’a ibir fej futabare he. Se’a, Urinane agmis futbarasir’a, kit gare. Quso’a gaki Karnumgisn musare. Se’a are, “Bane futbara’a Karnumgisn’o fejre nemje mas. Karnumgisn’o kitini nikare. Futbara’a ba’o bumanre, sefir futbara’a Karnumgisn’o bumanre mas.

Qusone baratire’a fej ibirinem ibin musasirn’o gare voi. Nasam Karnumgisn’a gare, en Quso Ogar’mo bartire. Qusone fej ibirinem ibin musasirn’a fir se vono gare.


Sasam’a futbar fesang’mo Voritas’mo gare. “Antferamni Nordsirn’a, Karnumgisirn’a gare” are’a gare, en sasam’o sir’a gare. Sasamsir’o finro kit. Gisganesirne fane’a gare vono.



Footballer Quso Imama, from Nordne Karnumgisn, plays football very, very well. He’s currently Ulina’s current number one footballer. Quso plays for the islands, saying, “I hope my football can improve Karnumgisn. The islands have been neglected for a long time. Football strengthens me, so I hope it can strengthen Karnugisn.”

Quso’s training is apparently better than the other players’. The islands are warm, and Quso practices in Ogar. This may explain Quso’s superior training.


A fire was set at a football party in Voritas. A cry of “Islanders are false Nordsirn” was made, and the fire was set. The arsonist has not yet been found. There may have been Gisganesir involvement.



In memory of former President of Korlan, Kauri Ngata, President Sadiv has made a brief speech.

"Kauri Ngata was a great man, and his loss is a tragedy for all of Ulina. Korlan has been a good ally and a good friend to our nation, and we intend to remember that friendship. Ngata's love for his country will be kept in our memory. We will keep Korlan close in these trying times, and continue offering their citizens any aid that they need."

The current Korlan administration is disapproved of by most Nordne citizens. However, they do still appear supportive of Sadiv's announcement, as it was well-recieved publicly. Many citizens are flying Korlan's communist-era flag in Ngata's memory.


The Gisganesirn, who were briefly more quiet than usual, have been making a resurgence in recent times. The Gisganesir emblem has been found in several locations. Especially significant is their apparent targeting of native Nordsirn who are harboring immigrants whose homes were previously burned by the Gisganesirn.



Daganed ga Koriran, Kauri Ngatane sanagisare'me Sadiv Daganed'a nagiskit sange.

"Kauri Ngata'a fejre, en fjare ga se'o Urina'ko samja gare. Koriranne fesigismi en fesirmi'a banne gis'ko gare, en ban'a fesirmi'o sanagisare mor. Ngatane mjure'o senne gis'ko ban'a sanagisare. Ban'a Koriran'o fanare kint kard kitin, en hire'o Koriransirn'i nare."

Koriranne margsirfan'o kit ibinomonis Nordsirn'ko kamre. Antsefir, sen'a Sadivne sange'o mire voi, fir nabare fej. Nordsirn'a Koriranne komunis gisuaren gisuarenre fir Ngata'o sanagisare.


Nagiskit antsangom Gisganesirn'a morere kit. Gisganesirne vodogen'o ibinis'mo finre. Nomi se'a gare: Engisirn seng ner'o sasamre'o Nordsirn'a nermosre. Gisganesirn'a voi sen'o gane.